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It’s feelin’ like fall


It’s only September but we already got our first bit of snow. It was in the 80s F (30s C) on Tuesday, snowing by Friday. Thank god I stocked up when winter stuff was on sale in May. Now’s the time you get so much good summer stuff.


Honestly I found that sweater in the basement. No idea how old it is but I like it. Smells like it’s been there for a while. Oh yeah, since I’m at my parents house until December, I moved to the basement and got inspired to make it cozy.


I don’t know if it’s obvious but the theme is pumpkins. Or orange. Orange pumpkins. There’s actually a somewhat creepy boarded up fireplace down here (it whistles sometimes) so this TV works as one that I don’t have to poke or add wood to, but I also can’t stick a marshmallow up to it and have it get toasty. So it’s a trade.


In other news, here’s the obligatory boyfriend mention. His birthday and our 4th anniversary is coming up and since it’s adorable and themed like fall I had to add it. His package is being sent separately from the card.


I’m still trying to figure out what to do, but I think that’s just what life is. At least for most people. I’m trying to get into an intensive German course which would be 35 hours a week for 5 weeks which would be honestly really fun and I’d be sooo excited for that. I could finally learn it in a classroom which is what I really needed and wanted the whole time!




Besides that (and the job that I am like 98% sure will give me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome probably, maybe.. probably) I’m watching the Korean girl version of One Punch Man, called Strong Girl Bong Soon. I don’t really know why but each episode is as long as a movie. Is that a Korean thing? I should probably ask my Korean pal.

Alrighty I’m going to go back to watching it because I really need to read the subtitles or I’m clueless. Lemme know if you’re stoked for fall AKA pumpkin pie AKA sweaters and AKA pumpkin spice everything, or if you’re a hater. We already ate an entire Costco pumpkin pie at my house. I. LOVE. SQUASH.. BUT. SPECIFICALLY. THE. PUMPKIN. FORM. OF. SQUASH.. BUT. I DON’T. MIND. OTHER. SQUASH. JUST. MAINLY. PUMPKIN.

8 thoughts on “It’s feelin’ like fall

  1. I AM SO PUMPED FOR PUMPKIN SEASON. Although I was never a pumpkin-spice kind of gal, but I told my mom that October is going to be pumpkin and pumpkin-spice themed food, bwahahaha. Not that that’s evil or anything. Your basement room looks super cozy, and I’m excited for you to enter into your German course (fingers crossed). ❤ As the Korean drama I'm watching often says… fighting! ~flex emoji that I can't do on a laptop~

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