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I got rejected.

Sooooo the jist of it is, I didn’t take pre-calculus in high school so I didn’t meet the qualifications to study in Germany. Yeeaah. So $600 and a few months and I’ll get this done!! Plus Spanish 2. So another $600. Even if I gently created and molded the Spanish language myself from scratch with my bare hands as a god from a little Latin seed over the last 1,500 years I still would have to take Spanish 2 (I asked). I need the college credit. To be fair I took Beginner Spanish three times in my life and I still only really know how to say something like “Tu madre es bonita”, which I have no idea why that is the only thing I can think of… but. I already typed it, so there you go.

PS these are my nieces! They wanted to pretend like we were in jail. Those are the faces of suffering.

So I got a new job, where I sit in front of a desk and type in checks at a bank for 9 hours a day and make a below poverty line wage. I’m finally in the exact type of job people in music videos quit to go live the way I have the past few years (like this video), so yeah. That’s a turn of events I did not see coming.

BOY is the depression real. Really, really, really real. Besides the obvious stuff it brings, it is also making me very um… It um.. (how do I politely say a lot of diarrhea?) –

I’m dying

but on the plus side my body looks amazing! Yes I’m aware of how dirty this mirror is.


So what’s next? I’ll have to take my classes and apply next year. Currently I’m just baking an apple pie way more than any human being EVER should. Besides bakers. The good news is at a potluck at work my pie was very popular. Someone brought a popcorn machine in as well which was always good to come in the bank at 10 AM to the smell of hot butter.

This is unrelated but look at the size of this measuring tape I found. Isn’t that wild?
It’s just an unlucky year I suppose. That’s okay. In Jane the Virgin, when (OH GOD HUGE SPOILER ALERT) her husband got shot and died her therapist told her to remember to HALT – and ask: are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired? – every time she was going to have a panic attack. I check yes to all of those things always LOL but I do want to update the H to Hug, because it’s the only thing that would fix everything for me most of the time. A Sebastian hug mainly because 1. he’s my boyfriend and 2. I haven’t seen him in 4 months. BOY does that kid give good hugs. And on that note here is a funky tune about missing someone which fits!

Sorry about so much music! You can try to fight me in the comments

7 thoughts on “I got rejected.

  1. That’s a bummer you didn’t have the needed college credits, but good on you for still moving forward with work and school. Even though you’re depressed, you inspire me and many others, I’m sure. ❤ Life will work out and you go live in your music video world with your lovely man again soon! Best wishes, Lindsey. ❤ I'm hyped to read your adventures again! Apple pies and measuring tape all the way. 🙂

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  2. I am sorry to know that you got rejected… I am sure that you will be accepted next time! Hope to hear good news from you soon!

    I like the music choice in this blog post

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  3. You can never have too much music. Your current experience will cure you of the mundane, permanently. I have three years left of quotidium, but at least its working at something I love. Once it’s done, I will be living as you were, here and there. The girls are adorable, and I hope that picture is as close as they ever get, to suffering.


  4. Ugh… life likes to get you down sometimes. Please just hold on, I hope you’ll do well on the next exam and all will be better 🙂 Also, I would suggest using khan academy to help with your math studying, it’s a completely free and super helpful website for anyone learning math 😀

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