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Where’d I go?

This is a very long story, but I’ll sum it up in two sentences. One of my family members died after I went back to Germany, so I had to fly the next day back home for the funeral. I’ve been here 3 months (so far), making apple pies for my dad and getting rid of what was left in my childhood room. Then there’s also planning my future.


It’s weird seeing your parents when you haven’t seen them for a year and a half, missing birthdays and Christmases, but it’s good to hear their voices and feel their warm hugs. Another positive thing about spending summer back home in the Rocky Mountains, is how the late summer fires make the sunsets gorgeous. The smoke can go f*** itself though.


I spent a good few weeks going through what was left of my childhood, stored in 2 bookshelves and getting rid of it all until it was one small pile as a cliche to be kept in my parents’ attic forever. It was hard but it was satisfying.

We moved the bookshelves out to find a surprise. You see those pink lines?


I remembered I put the bookshelves there to hide the fact that when I painted my room I left behind a few surprises. Here he is in all his glory:


Here’s the other surprise. I had a real thing for Paula Deen back in the day (don’t ask), and she inspired a special piece of artwork I put next to that left dresser:


I actually went through the trouble of going on Word, picking out a font and a size, printing the word “butter” on a sheet of paper 3 times and then cutting them out and gluing them together then onto the wall, and finally painting over it. I also forgot to put an electrical cover on that socket. So basically, don’t let teenagers paint their own rooms.

Officially though, “my” room is now the “guest” room, and I’m the first guest. 😥

One good thing to come home to, was this frame that I made while I still lived in my apartment when I was in college 2+ years ago.


It kept me strong when it was hard to be and reminded me what I wanted to work for (cause I’m lame and a romantic and I watch too many Disney movies). I just wanted to do a quick update but I’ll be posting about a trip I took to Oregon soon. I’ll also go into detail about my plans to go to Germany in September (I’m going back to school!!! Maybe!! I’m getting a degree!! Maybe!! Finally!! Maybe!!). For now I’m suffering in bed on my period watching Jane the Virgin.

Dam she swol


8 thoughts on “Where’d I go?

  1. I was wondering where you went! My condolences on your recent losses, but there’s something to be said about coming home for awhile ❤ Also, are you all caught up on Jane the Virgin? Can we talk about it? Hahahha I freakin love that show.


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