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Goodbye, 2016

2016: I lived in 3 countries, 11 houses (that I can count), “homeless” twice, and gained a sick obsession with muffins. I seriously can’t stop eating them. Help. I made many bad choices, although despite it all was lucky enough to make a few good ones, like starting this blog. And eating muffins.


For Christmas, I didn’t get to be with my family, but we got to Skype the day after. It’s comforting to see certain things never change no matter how long you go without being there to experience them. My family is still the same, the family dog is still as chunky, awkward and uncomfortable looking as ever, and I’m still totally and completely unsure about my future. It’s something I’m working on. It’ll be okay. Maybe. We’ll see.


Exchanging gifts was not a thing, seeing as Sebastian and I are poor as f*ck. We got each other Elder Scrolls Online during the “Boxing day” sales so we can play it together. Nerds.


So, my goal as a gift to myself was to get 200 followers on this blog by Christmas, and thanks to 200 of you, it was possible! I did it! 200 followers! I didn’t even expect anything when I started. I’m very, very thankful for how supportive the people who use this website are.

My next goal on my blog adventure is to eventually purchase a domain and possibly start selling art though it that I had fun making. Getting rid of the free theme would be good for me as well. It’s just.. it’s bad. It’s not good at all. I’m sorry you all have to see it.


We spent Christmas Eve working while on fire. As you know, we do door to door and so spend the whole day outside. It’s summer, and a heat wave of 37 C (99F) hit, so we did a lot of suffering. Now. If there’s one thing I’d say you have to do in Australia it would not be see things. Seeing things is cool. I mean unless you’re blind, then in that case I’m sorry. It’s really not all it’s cracked up to be anyway, most of us can’t even read  without holding things at a weird angle or squinting and x-ray vision still doesn’t exist. What I wanted to say was: meet the people. My reason being is that we were bombarded with cold drinks and offers to come inside. We received so many cans of pop and bottles of water that I couldn’t even hold them all, we had to turn down any more, and on top of that we had to drop extras off at the car before heading out again. Although I miss the snow and my family back home, how happy and generous people were that day made me forget it completely.


We spent the rest of the night in the big city seeing everything it had to offer. In case you couldn’t tell, I already added pictures. To me, the main event was a room full of gingerbread creations. The line was a half an hour long or so and there was a guy walking through giving out halfpennies from Australia’s early days.


He said keep them for tax season.


They even built an entire hospital out of gingerbread.


There were so many details.



I learned that apparently penguins like soccer. img_2346img_2351

It was the last day the gingerbread was on display and it was showing its age. There was a room in the hospital with a freaky looking clown and a little kid with no head. Also a few people who had an eyeball or two sliding off their face.


Some things had way too many details. Every room in the hospital had a story.


After a heartwarming Christmas Eve, we both got dressed up on Christmas day and enjoyed each other’s company during our very first Christmas physically together in 4 years.


What a cute couple. We didn’t do anything except have dinner and what else but listen to Christmas music? I also had made gingerbread a few days before but that was gone 52 seconds after I made it, so just dinner it was. We have no self control.


The orange stuff is sweet potatoes just so you know. On new years we saw fireworks together across the bay and got to be in 2017 before everyone else in the planet. Besides American Samoa. Mmm… Samoas. IMG_2474.JPG


I’m happy how the year turned out, and I’m glad it was spent somewhere I enjoy with someone I enjoy. It would have been nicer if I had a million dollars and a cool lizard but oh well. I hope you all also had a great holiday season. Thank you so much for 200 followers and I wish you all the best and that all your hopes and dreams come true in 2017.



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