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Here’s What I Learned from Being Homeless pt 2

Future me here. First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support and positive responses on my last post. I appreciate every kind word said by all of you, and it is honestly what keeps me coming back to blogging. It’s cheesy and it’s lame, but I don’t think I’d be doing it if it weren’t for how amazing my followers are and how lucky I am to have them. So seriously, thank you.

Alright, now that I’m done being sappy, let’s get on with the post.

I want to just add an extra bit though. I’ve been at a house sit for almost a week now and I want to share what I’m stoked about. I know I get excited easily, but hear me out. I haven’t had my own closet with my own hangers since I was in college. Only lived out of a suitcase sitting on the ground really. We were lucky enough that the closet here was empty instead of filled with things people don’t need, don’t really want to get rid of, but don’t know where to put them, so they cram it in their extra closets.  Look!! IMG_2317.jpg

I tried my very best to spread my clothes out to make it look like I have a lot but here’s the reality LOL


Back in college, I had so many clothes on the pole that it was actually bending downwards. This picture includes clothes from Sebastian, which makes my inner fashionista very sad and puts things into perspective with just how much stuff I used to have. I never used to be embarrassed about my clothes, but now so many of them have holes that I can’t wear very many things outside of the house without feeling like I don’t look put together, or can’t afford new clothes, even though I genuinely can’t. It’s just not something that people need to know because we as people instinctively judge character based on appearance.

I’m still ridiculously excited to have a pole with hangers, and I gotta pause every time I’m in the room to look at it and do that cheesy movie sigh with a smile, your hands on your hips and then walking out of the shot.

Alright, I’m done being from the future. Onto a slightly more light-hearted subject which was already written by me for pt. 2:

We may have not had a home, but we did have plenty of time to find things to do. We had things to do inside and outside of the campsite so I’ll split them up. When it was really hot, we spent a lot of time in the library. They had a spot called “the cave” where there’s 5 TV’s and Xbox’s , plus a 95 inch one. You read that right, folks. Ninety-five inches.


It was adorable how many kids there were in there playing Minecraft. We also bought too many slushies and frozen Cokes. I don’t think we have frozen Coke back in the US, but it’s something we need.

Another tip for you poor folk, if you take a survey for McDonald’s in Australia (not sure about outside of here), you can get either a free ice cream cone, free fries, or free tiny chicken bites. The bites are the most worth it. You can use the coupon more than once, tested already by yours truly.

Another thing I learned about Australian food is they have a “spider”, which I think is a a blob of ice cream in some either regular or frozen pop. So I guess a root beer float would count as one? Either way, ordering one at McDonald’s is $2. A frozen coke filled to the top of the cup without the ice cream is $1. An ice cream cone is $0.60, and now you have a delicious cheap plain cone too. You get more for less. Math. You didn’t hear it from me though.


The first thing we did when we left our last house sit was go to see the beach. This was a mistake because neither of us wore sunscreen and we’re both the whitest people I know. I am a piece of paper with eyes.


I know that picture is blurry but I still like it so I’m adding it anyway.


The sky was so incredibly blue it was unbelievable. Picture perfect postcard moment :’)

We actually did a lot more walking than normal, which is perfect because I now have new shoes. I mentioned them before but never showcased these babies.


Sebastian won them in a raffle and let me take them because he’s an actual angel. The shoes are too big but they’re so comfortable. They’re fake so that’s why they were free 😉 Couldn’t ever tell them apart from the real things though.


Walking to the library took us about 20 minutes every day from our free parking spot (parking fees in cities are the worst) and we cut through this little mall because it was air-conditioned. It’s weird to see Christmas decorations while summer sales are on and I’m a mobile puddle.


I’m sure everyone knows this but if you’re going to be walking a lot, a backpack is a good idea. We kept water and our lunch (soup cans lol) in there, along with jackets because you never know. Just make sure the person who gets sweaty easily doesn’t wear it or their back will be very moist and you will have to smell it.

Oh right and I saw a store call- you know what, I’ll just show it to you.

The Nutshack

I’m immature.

Anyway, neither of us will be with our families this year for Christmas, there won’t be a tree, and no gifts (unless he tries to be sneaky). I was always lucky to have gifts, a tree, snow, fireplace, all the stereotypical Christmas junk while growing up and so it really hurts my little delicate heart to not get to fully experience my favorite time of the year without it all. I try not to let it bother me because I know how lucky I was growing up to have it all, but it does make me feel a little bit less like myself.


As a kid, I genuinely didn’t realize that not everyone would have snow or the sun setting at 4:30 PM, or a fireplace, or anything from a stereotypical Christmas movie. I was very aware it didn’t snow in California and in the south, but for some reason I thought everyone would have snow just for Christmas, like suddenly there was a huge blanket of snow covering the entire earth for just one day. Oh, kids. They just don’t know.

Although the amount of Christmas spirit is sadly lower than normal, there were a few Christmas themed things around the city we got to enjoy. For example, Australia’s largest floating Christmas tree. It’s a really specific record for them to have but I’m still proud of them for it.


There was also a carousel right next to it which was supposed to be Christmas themed but there was just an empty Santa chair in the corner of the room both times we went.


Here’s the library again. I don’t know what they were going for with the them, but it reminds me of Geode the Pokemon.



On the top level of the library, they had a deck for you to see the city, but the real view was the color they picked for the hallway that led to the deck.


Every floor had it’s own theme and this one was.. ketchup? Not really sure, but I like it. The view is really disappointing after walking through a hallway like that.


Along with basically living in the library, we found lots of things to do at our campsite.


They had croquet, plenty of other Australian games where I have no idea what they are, basketball, tennis, and then a thing called a “flying fox”. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and my idea of a “park” was the forest outside the door so I didn’t know these things even existed until I went to Germany. Basically there’s two poles, one shorter and one taller with a wire attached to both. The wire has a chain hanging off with a little seat for you to sit on and you pull the seat to the taller pole, jump on the little chair and glide down it!!

At the end there’s a spring which makes you bounce back so it doesn’t just fling you off into another dimension, but I don’t think the spring worked that well anymore lol.



I wore my sunglasses and broke them by smashing my face into the chain at the unexpected abrupt end. They’ll never be the same.

We also played tennis on our very last morning since check out was at 10 AM. There was a huge moth (think Australia sized) sitting on the net apparently, because when the ball hit the net, the moth popped right off into the middle of my side of the court. It wasn’t moving or anything and I couldn’t tell if it was dead or not, so I got a closer look. Yep, that’s definitely more than one moth. Mating. Right in the middle of the court.

Maybe they liked the danger? Maybe the sex was so bad that they both wanted to be smashed by a tennis ball and die? I don’t know, but they didn’t move the whole time.


Along with that, we also saw some other pretty typical things every city has. The art museum which was full of art. No better way to describe it. Art is either really terrible or really good but either way, it’s art.

We also went to the city’s botanical gardens which had a crazy amount of butterflies.


None of them would pose for me so this is the best picture I could come up with unfortunately. They don’t really like it when someone is shouting “give me sexy, give me fierce” at them.

Other than that, we spent a lot of time just finding buildings with air conditioning that we could sit in. We didn’t do much exciting, but I really enjoyed the flying fox. Probably too much. If I have kids they’re going to be a good excuse to do children activities, that’s for sure.

Sorry for this huge post, but future me had to go and write so damn much. Thanks for reading and still, I’m thankful for how kind everyone on this website is. So please keep commenting haha ❤


12 thoughts on “Here’s What I Learned from Being Homeless pt 2

  1. Being homeless is never easy. I’ve been homeless before with my wife and kids and it was rough, but things did eventually get better for us.

    That library actually sounds pretty cool. I would be drawn to books more then a Xbox though :). It’s nice the kids have somewhere to go to have some fun though.

    I don’t know about you, but my Christmas pretty much always sucks :). I’m Atheist so I’m glad people don’t go out of their way to try and do Christmas things for me because it makes me uncomfortable. Your blog is very nice. Thanks for taking the time to visit mine and comment.


    1. I’m not religious or anything either but my favorite color is red and I can’t help but like things that twinkle. Also the music is pretty good, and can’t forget the food. Even with no family or anyone at all it’s still a nice holiday! Just your point of view I think. You’re lucky you like books more lol, I wish I was the type. I’m also sorry to hear about you being homeless, and I really hope it wasn’t for too long but I’m glad to hear it’s all good now 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like books more then Xbox :). I’m a PC gamer at heart.

        I like watching my kids enjoy Christmas and open their presents, but as far as I’m concerned it wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t celebrated. As far as food is concerned I don’t eat beef or pork so I’m usually the one that don’t eat on holidays :).


  2. Lindsey, I find your writing full of hope, love and laughter. I so hope your life is full of the same. I’ve been in some of the same situations [homeless] that you are in and yes, looking back, I can laugh at some things but not a lot. I had a degree of safety as I lived in my office but at the same time I missed the comforts of my former life. Primarily, please listen to your inner self and take good care of that little girl inside of you. Know you will come out the other side as a stronger and wiser woman. BTW, you might want to stay in touch with your family. They probably worry about you a lot. Sheri

    Liked by 1 person

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