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It’s been 3 years.

It’s been 3 years. In that time I’ve moved at least 12 times, officially quit my entire life to see a new country twice and got to see 7 ish countries. I also cried about 4,000 times from a sad heart and got butterflies twice as much. I started dating Sebastian in 2013 when I was still in college with no idea of what I wanted. His German accent has gone full blown “South Canadian” courtesy of me, and we couldn’t be more in love.

Meeting him literally changed my entire life path since I had to either give up everything to go be with him, or stay where I was, lost and sad. Even if it wasn’t fate when I decided to go live in Germany, I would have at least had the experience of a new country, continent, culture, and language. I suck at German still but even Germans don’t know German. It’s true I promise.


So, to celebrate us we went out on the town. We are staying in Geelong, 1.5 hours outside of Melbourne and so we decided to go explore the big city. BUT FIRST, no anniversary is complete without breakfast together. The place we’re in has a crepe maker thing so we attempted them and they looked absolutely awful. Tasted great though.

So lumpy

First, we met up in the CBD with the homeowner of our next house sit. Seeing so many people actually wearing business attire was weird to me. Back home I worked in a government office with the “business casual” rule, which in Montana means wear a hoodie and leggings 5 days in a row if you want and nobody cares. Plenty of people even wore the dramatic wolf shirts where there’s a faded howling wolf in the background of one looking thoughtfully into the distance.


Parking was $5.50 an hour, which, in the city, is a STEAL! It makes you want to die when you’re used to free parking 24 hours. The alleyway we parked in smelled like Japanese food (yum) and although the whole area was very dirty, it felt charming with the light from above bouncing around the cobblestone. We went off to our next destination which was searching for comfortable shoes I can wear while on the job.


Still didn’t get any though. Too expensive. After a few hours we got hungry and since Costco was across the way and they have a pop and hot dog for $2, how could we pass it up? Romantic, eh?


There’s a free city tram you can take within certain limits and since parking any closer to the big skyscrapers meant you’d have to get a second mortgage and a loan from the bank, we didn’t take it. We learned the hard way. I owe a quarter million dollars. We did it the next time we went though.


You can see the lady still turns everything manually in their cute old trams. Since we’re idiots and got in the car during 5 o’clock traffic, we got stuck in one spot for 1.5 hours, and I wish that was a joke. We couldn’t get to any parking spot at all, and all the signs were like reading a book. You better put on spectacles if you want to read them. Get out the binoculars. Call in your hawk. They are impossible to read.


So now that I was thoroughly grumpy about not getting to stop and see the last store we wanted to see, we went back to the shopping area we started in to ride the big ferris wheel, the Melbourne Star.

Luckily I found a coupon (I’m poor and a cheap ass) for us to ride for $20 each, rather than $35. We wanted to ride during the sunset and just needed to wait a little bit for the perfect time. It’s spring so the weather is either trash or great and of course while we waited it had to be raining and blowing wind.


So we got impatient and just went in. And there was not a single person in the line. You know when you go to a theme park and they have an elaborate maze for everyone to stand in for hours on end? This place had that only there wasn’t a single person there. Not even at the front of the line.


We got our very own orb. Everyone there got their very own orb. For cheaper than what it would be normally! Man, I was stoked.



And I was no longer grumpy. There was commentary and even heating, which I stood under basically the entire time. 😊



The view on the top was AMAZING and even though the whole ride lasted 30 minutes, it felt like it was 22 seconds. img_1399


The good news is once we hit the bottom, we found out not only could you pay $2 each to ride again immediately, but you could also pay $2 each to get tickets for another time since it was rainy that day. So we bought our 4 tickets for $8 and went again!


Once again, our very own orb.


This time we got to see the city at night. So we got to see it during the day, sunset, and night. This made up for the traffic and then some. I was so happy, man I was giddy like a little kid.



We each got our own dramatic shots yet again. Once we hit the bottom we realized there’s actually a guy sitting in a room with a million screens for each bubble. So he was watching us just take pictures of each other the entire time. Also there was only one other bubble with people in it..



At the end, there’s a gift shop which had a lego version of the ferris wheel and a GIGANTIC teddy bear, which I need.



Yet again, we decided to go across the street to Costco for our big anniversary dinner. We are simple people and excited by simple things. Maybe one day we shall have our big fancy dinner but for now this is just fine with me.


The experience on the ferris wheel alone was enough to make our anniversary nothing short of perfect. I’ve only been dating this boy 3 years but I’ve enjoyed every bit of it (besides the constant grandma farts from him) and I’m ready for 3 more.


Thanks for reading or just looking at the pictures. Basically I’d recommend the Melbourne star x20 and also I love my grandma farting boyfriend a lot. I appreciate anything you did to be here at all even if you hated it. You still came so.. who’s the winner here? Today’s the first break we’ve had in a few weeks which is why I’m so slow and also why our anniversary was actually on the 3rd. WHOOPS

Oh well, thanks for reading. See ya




39 thoughts on “It’s been 3 years.

  1. That Ferris wheel looks so magical! Those views are really amazing ❤️Plus you’re so lucky to have had the opportunity to go on it again for so cheap! ^_^


  2. Such a sweet encounter – than you for sharing it with us! The pictures from the Orb are stunning, and your “voice” is precious – real, sincere, and just as lovely as you are!
    As a single parent, I TOTALLY get the Costco meal options! Right now, my teenage son is BIG into the $5 rotisserie chicken – he just sticks a fork right into the breast meat and eats it straight out of the packaging! (Love that they have Costco in Australia! Way cool!)
    A side note: the huge bear that you so want… COSTCO… but you didn’t hear that from me… 😉
    All the best to you and your man!


  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It means a lot to me. You and your boyfriend sound like the coolest people ever and I’d love have the confidence to travel alone or with my bf to so many unknown countries. I also like the way you designed your site. Very classy! :3


    1. Aww that’s so sweet 🙂 Really we’re not that cool though hahah, pretty sure you’re way cooler than us. Also we don’t know what we’re doing at all lol, you could probably handle traveling with your bf better than us!! If you want tips or anything lemme know 😀 Thank you for the comment I love it! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats! What a perfect day! I’m new here, but excited to meet you. I met my hubby when I was 16 and there was never another guy, never another option after that. Goodness, the cost of living/visiting a city… We were in NYC for a bit. Costco is luxurious when you live in NYC–price controlled. LOL. Here’s to cheap food, awesome men, and a lovely, unforgettable anniversary!


    1. Thank you so much! Welcome then, I’m new too 🙂 Still don’t know what I’m doing. You meeting your husband at 16 is so heartwarming and makes me so excited for our potential future. Such a fairytale story!! I’m pretty jealous. I’m also sorry you lived in NYC hahah. Glad to hear you escaped though 😉 Thanks again and good luck out there!


  5. I clicked on this because I was like – hey! I recognise that view.
    Ends up yes, it’s my hometown, Melbourne!
    It’s so weird when I communicate with bloggers, and then realise, we probably only live 20 minutes apart.


  6. Happy anniversary!
    You two have a hell of a story together in just 3 year huh.. That’s really amazing! I think you’re right to enjoy the experience you’re having in different countries so don’t cry! That’s something you’ll have like a golden treasure in the future, all the things you lived and the people you met. Soon you’ll settle down in some place and it will be perfect and you’ll be ok, with your “grandma farting BF” hahaha!
    Good luck!!!!

    Oh, and did you bought your work shoes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Sometimes it feels boring and like we haven’t done enough but I have to take a step back and realize it’s probably more than enough lol. I’m okay with living wherever has good ventilation for him hahah. Haven’t bought them yet, just saving up for them but have a pair picked out 😉 Idk if you’ve ever worn the “Boost” stuff from Adidas but if so you know what you’re doing!! It’s so squishy


  7. Lindsey, you are such a Sweetheart. So humble, so frank, so simple. Your BF is lucky to have such a girl as you. Today’s youth, girls literally pout and fume, till their BF buys them something from the Mall and takes them to Dinner.
    Hope you two get married soon and settle down in a nice country.


    1. He honestly consistently insists on buying me things, and I have to tell him not to haha. Thank you so much 😊 Sometimes I worry about being too simple, maybe it’s boring I think. But I’m sure it’s better than being exactly what you said. You’re so kind 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh Montana awesome! I just spent July – August visiting my Canadian best friend in Alberta while she got married. I got to skip most of winter here, which is a bonus as I live in the New England, NSW. Are you enjoying living in Melbourne?


      2. Whaat, if there’s any season I wouldn’t want to skip in NSW it’s winter. Summer there is like actually being in hell. Alberta is right above Montana, and if it’s anything like Montana it was also hell in July-August? I’m loving Melbourne so far although I’ve loved every city I’ve seen in Oz. It’s too perfect of a country 😭

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha well I live in Armidale and the weather’s horrible in winter, it snows and sleets and hails. -10 at night and 0 during the day is not uncommon. The rest of NSW has lovely weather in winter though! July was oddly really nice in Alberta (I left 3rd August), chilly though and it rained a fair bit. Melbourne’s a pretty cool spot, no doubt you love it there! You have to head over to Tassie if you haven’t already. Hobart is probably my most favourite city in Australia 🙂


      4. YES I want to see Tassie so bad! You can come with me and show me everything haha. Armidale is kinda in the middle of nowhere isn’t it? It’s actually kind of high up though so that’s good you got to escape freezing for a bit although I bet if you spent a few winter months in Alberta you’d change your mind about the weather 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I would definitnely be able to give you a good tour! My Uncle and Aunt have a property just out Launceston so we visit once every two years and we’ve done a lot of touring. They even have guest accommodation called ‘Woodlands Farm’ or something. It’s the most beautiful landscape – very english with Aussie elements thrown in. Oh god I’m not sure I could handle a Canadian winter. I’ve heard it’s soemthing that has to be experienced to be believed!


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