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Day in the town of bees

The day started with coming out from bed to see what I can only assume was Sebastian proposing to the lizard.


He doesn’t hold MY hand like that.

Next, a throwback to Germany since Aldi is having an Oktoberfest special where they’re selling Weisswurst (white sausages) and sweet mustard. I baked some ridiculously tiny Laugenbrötchen AKA pretzel buns and he had himself a German breakfast. The sausages were in a can which was pretty weird, but they tasted good! And yes, he eats too much cheese.


We were determined to go to a small town nearby, Beechworth, even though it was raining and cloudy all week. The sun came out just for us on the way there, and when we showed up it was crazy crowded, but it’s spring so the blooming trees made up for it. I’m so happy the bees haven’t shown their faces yet.


Speaking of bees,  Beechworth is known for its honey and bakeries. BEEchworth

img_0927 img_0929

On the left is one of the “honey experiences” that you can see. Like the side of the building says, they do have live bees which you can see and in another building up the street they have 4 billion types of honey to taste. The flavor and color changes with what type of flowers the bees pollinate. I got sick of shoving honey down my face the first time we visited this town, so I didn’t go near it this time. The honey mustard is amazing though, so I had to get in on that 😉


The baked goods also say how friendly they are to bees.


So pretty, but it’s too expensive so we passed. When I get more money I will make random bakery purchases and I’m going to do it all the damn time. After we drooled at the cakes, we went to the tiny candy shop down the street.


I wanted to buy everything. Sebastian and his mom always said whenever they lost me in the store, all they had to do to find me was go to the candy or ice cream section and there I’d be, every time, without fail.


We then saw the prison which had a tour for $22.50, which we passed up. The gift shop had a surface testing kit for cocaine for some reason. Also had a fake dead guy on the floor. We weren’t there long. Nearby was the visitors center which was attached to a meeting hall. It looked like it hadn’t been used since 1820, and it was tiny but still really interesting.


The lady at the visitor’s center told us of a scenic drive we could take and sent us off with a couple of maps. We got some postcards which we paid with in coins and felt like 10 year olds buying candy with pocket change. My wallet is 15 kilos lighter now though so I don’t care. On the walk back to the car, we saw what it would look like if a big semi trailer truck and a regular truck had a baby.


Off we went on our scenic drive!

img_0956 img_0962

First stop was a lovely view which you can’t see because I had my exposure set way too high. We take pictures of each other so we can send them to his mom (she’s sentimental), but it always ends up being a wild photo shoot.

I gave my best Lewis and Clark pose and off we went to sight two.

A cute little creek with the absolute worst pathway ever if your shoes’ traction doesn’t exist at all. I had to crawl like some kind of weird crab to get down there. There was also a huge pipe which was not disguised whatsoever and definitely was a bit of an outcast. I still befriended it.

img_0976 img_0977


Another photo shoot of course. What would it be without a photo shoot? The last stop was the same creek, only this time in waterfall version.


I thought this gif might be cool, but now it’s just hurting my eyes. Sorry to make you suffer. Anyway that was our big adventure.

img_0992 img_0998

It was sunny and I’ve read that people with blue eyes are weaker with sunlight so no hating on my squinty face. And yes those are the only pants I own. In case you noticed they’re in every picture ever.

Thank you for reading and any types of comments or likes. It boosts my confidence and makes me feel happy and warm inside. PS I got a job! I’m doing training next week so I’ll get into it more later. First I need to focus on the bf’s birthday surprise which is in the works 😉 See you then



17 thoughts on “Day in the town of bees

  1. Lindsey, Hello. I loved reading your little outing. My mouth watered for the White Sausages and Mustard Honey.
    I hated the Gif, my eyes went Wonk Wonk !!
    You are your BF make a cute couple.Wish you have a great party for his Birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The picture of Sebastian and the lizard is the cutest. 😂😂

    Wow, this looks like such a cute town! That waterfall is gorgeous.

    I love the photo shoots during the scenic drive, and I wear the same pair of pants too. No shame!


  3. Congratulations on the new job! Now you’ll have money for those RBP’s.
    “all the single lizards, all the single lizards…”
    “if you liked the lizard shoulda put a ring on it”

    Liked by 2 people

  4. A message to Sebastian: the lizard won’t make you breakfast… never! so now you know… lol!
    BEEchworth looks like a very cute place to visit, but I would run screaming from the bees for sure, wouldn’t run from that pie tho..
    Congrats on your new job! That’s wonderful news! 🙂 Bye!!!


      1. Now I want to know about the X File bees but at the same time I realllly don’t. I haven’t been stung yet but now I’m at a point where I’m even more terrified because being allergic is so common. Bees are the devil


      2. Yeah so there’s this plot line about like bees with alien DNA or something… Then they engineer bees that give you SMALLPOX when they sting you! absolutely terrifying. I would’ve stopped watching after that, but David duchovny and Gillian Anderson are just so Damn attractive.


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