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Floods, birthdays, and lizards

So officially my bank account is at $19.78 which is both hilarious and mind numbingly depressing. Even fast food will not employ someone (a foreign someone) who will only be there for a few weeks. House sitting is amazing and I love it, but it’s also like stepping in something wet while wearing socks. Overall disappointing and an inconvenience.

We don’t do much because doing costs money, but this is the second time we’ve brought flooding somewhere. When we were switching house sits back in June, there was a bit of a storm where we were which caused floods and ruined some things.


We just HAPPENED to be traveling through it. While we were camping. In a K-mart tent. Yeah the first night was fine, just some rain. That’s how we found out the tent leaked. Good thing we had 24 cookies and an old Nintendo DS with Harvest Moon to keep our spirits up. The next few days just got worse and since it’s the type of tent that collapses on itself when you breathe on it or say a bad word, the 100 mph winds were no help. We threw the tent in the car at 2 AM and slept soaking wet in the car.

Another night we learned from the experience and camped out at McDonald’s with free WiFi and plugs, downloaded a movie and watched it in our hotel room (car) before bed. First time I ever brushed my teeth in a parking lot! I might go into more detail in another post with this, though. It was quite a week!

Now a days in the new spot, it’s just a lot of rain and some flooding.

Here’s how it looked when we visted in July. Ah damn it, you can’t see the trees.
Now the trees are underwater. It doesn’t look much different from the pictures haha. Trust me it is!

Apparently they haven’t spilled the dam here in over 10 years, so naturally the dam was crowded each time we went. The first time was completely dead, and we were the only ones in the parking lot. On the way there, we saw a house in water and a footbridge that was under! I always imagined Australia as a giant death wasteland and never imagined so much flooding.


Water getting close to the bridge.

Here’s one of the little guys we’ve been sitting, and I’m completely in love with him. I put him on my Instagram stories or whatever they’re called. I don’t know what they’re called. I’m old now, I can’t keep up with this stuff.

IMG_20160914_1221292.jpg  IMG_20160901_115607.jpg

Watching him walk around is hilarious, he’s supposed to look so scary and yet he’s so tiny and his “spikes” aren’t even hard. When he’s awake, we’ll let him out to walk around for a few minutes (so he doesn’t get too cold) and it absolutely wears him out. He’ll immediately pass out on your warm hand. If it looks like we’re crying in that picture, we were. We were laughing our asses off because he’s so cute.

“When will my husband return from the war”

In other news, Sebastian’s birthday and our anniversary is coming up. I’m a sucker for sentimental things and last year I made a big scrapbook of us which took me weeks to do. I don’t think he appreciated it as much as I think I would have, so I have to think like him. I wanted to go with new shoes since he’s a shoe addict, plus his have holes in them and rainy season + a door to door job = him coming home often with soaking wet feet. He also needs a new phone since his doesn’t work but I’m not Bill Gates, soooo


Unfortunately, the shoes he wants would end up being almost $100 AUD or so with shipping and all. You now know I have $19.78 lmao so that’s a bit of a problem. I’m going to cut out some paper into a birthday string, and decorate the place for him and try my best to make it feel special! I’m going to try making a Lord of the Rings cake too. I think the saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” is by people who have it, or their experience was only temporary.


I’m going to make a post about our anniversary when it comes around and how I did it. I’m planning on taking him to do archery, which he always wanted to do. It’s $35 pp and I have a pair of headphones I can sell 😉

If you have any more ideas for me for his birthday, or our anniversary let me know. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good week!




9 thoughts on “Floods, birthdays, and lizards

  1. Oh for sure, people who say money can’t buy happiness have never been poor or broke. Being able to pay the rent and buy food and clothes definitely contributes to my happiness.
    Good luck with everything while you try to figure it out and get by. When will you be able to find a job? Where are you going to settle down?

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    1. You’re so right. And thank you I need all the luck I can get haha. I’m hoping ASAP, and we don’t have plans for settling down yet since there’s no country we can both live in together for more than a few months. Still figuring it out but totally worth the effort 😊 Thanks for asking ❤

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  2. I saw your stories with the lizard, and he is so funny and cute. 😆❤ I’ve seen IG posts with those guys, and they’re hilarious. Does he have a name? That’s cool you get to house-sit AND lizard-sit. Good luck with the birthday and anniversary! I feel you about the scrapbook… Giovanni isn’t as sentimental as I am, but he tries. ☺ Best wishes to you both, and a happy birthday to Sebastian. *confetti*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s like the most harmless creature I’ve ever met and yet he looks like a devil creature. His name is Drago! I wish boys were sentimental and we could make em cry with just how sentimental we can be lol. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m just gonna pick that confetti up and save it for later lmao. Budgeting 😉

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