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“Liebster Award”


Hey. I was typing up a regular post, but I got nominated for this award a second time by The Wayfarer this week and the first time by Sophie Maie a while back. I think the second time was a subtle kick in the ass to do it, so hello. Here I am.

Apparently it works like the telephone game because both times I was nominated, the rules were different. So I’m going to make a weird, sad, mutant hybrid that you’re still proud of. Like mac and cheese with ketchup or pickles and pb.

What is it? Basically it’s a tactic to find mad people to follow and to get mad followers.



  • Post it on your blog.
  • Acknowledge the people/person who nominated you.
    • They get their mad followers from here. I have about 12.01 followers so.. Yeah. Sorry my guys.
  • Answer the questions given.
  • Nominate people yourself.
  • Give them questions to answer. I wrote mine, but you can find some online.
  • End.



  1. Why did you start blogging? I’m not much of a talker, but I can type pretty fast 😉

  2.  If you could only wear one makeup product for the rest of your life what would it be? Some type of 6-in-1 eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil hybrid. How am I supposed to pick one? I’ll tape them all together if I have to.

  3. Describe your perfect pizza. I eat “homemade” pizza every day now. It’s leftovers slapped on a tortilla and blasted in the oven. I burn it 80% of the time. You can dump veggies, chicken, beans, peanut butter, scrambled eggs, an entire pumpkin, everything you’ve got and it’s all gonna be okay. It’s pizza! But also all hail Costco supreme pizza.

  4. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would it be and what would you do? What kind of loaded question is that? Probably a rich person with nice health insurance. Maybe a super buff one like The Rock so I can understand why my boyfriend uses literally everything as a mirror. I would go to the doctor ’cause I’m boring and I can’t afford thyroid meds/any meds. Later sign a bunch of stuff to sell on eBay. Then, I would ride my private plane to the US and buy every Oreo flavor. I love oreos.

  5. What’s your favorite item of clothing you own? Embarrassing, but I haven’t had the budget whatsoever to buy new clothes in over a year, but I still love this red romper I have. Here she is. Ah, ain’t she a beaut? IMG_0077.JPGI have never owned comfortable shoes lol because I’m an idiot (see the shoes above), but I’m pretty sure a snake has better knees than me. I even work out now! So I one day will own some Nike’s or Adidas. Adidases. Adidas’?? That fancy “Boost” stuff I’ve tried on a million times. So squishy. One day. You’ll see!

    What’s guaranteed to cheer you up? Compassion and understanding. The other day I was upset over some personal matters, crying alone in bed when Sebastian called me to the living room where he had set up The Aristocats for us to watch. He hates Disney but knows my obsession and just wanted me to feel better. Needless to say I cried 10x more. It was too sweet. Look at me, I am tearing up again. I’m a softie.

  6. Where would you love to visit one day? Well I’d love to see the Maldives, or Italy, or Machu Picchu. Not to be cheesy or anything, so I’m gonna be super cheesy right now, but honestly I just want to be somewhere where the bae and I can be together.

  7. If you had $50,000 and only one day to spend it what would you buy? I’d probably be freaking out for the first day, throw it around the room a bit and make a money angel, lose half of it under the couch and then buy something stupid like an exotic lizard or a monkey. Although if I had time to think about it, I’d get those doctor visits I talked about because I’m a boring adult now. Then some Then a supreme Costco pizza. Maybe a monkey. Kidding. Not really. Then the rest for an A+ charity.

  8. What is your favorite season? I like spring, but… I love them, and I appreciate everything they do for us, and save them and all, but f**k bees. So I pick the holiday season. Does that count?

  9. What movie could you watch over and over again and still love? Inside Out, How to Train Your Dragon, anything Pixar or Dreamworks. Can I pick a show? In that case, Parks and Rec.

  10. Who is your blogging inspiration? I really like Marzia. She’s too cute, and she works hard for everything she’s got. She’s absolutely living my dream life.

  11. Advice for fellow bloggers. My only advice is to have fun doing it, because if you don’t enjoy it then what’s the point?


The Nominees


Four Square Miles of Noise 

Curly Girl Abroad

Schickes und Schönes

MJ Cobra

Cezane Connects


Now, the questions for the nominees:

  1. How do you get ideas or inspiration for your blog?
  2. What’s a funny story you will never forget? Personally experienced or not.
  3. Do you sneak candy/food into the movie theater or buy it? Be honest
  4. What was your dream career as a child, and what is it now?
  5. If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  6. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  7. If you had the chance to go back in time and tell yourself one thing, would you? If so, what would it be?
  8. What’s your favorite recipe either you or someone you know makes?
  9. What’s something you struggle with when it comes to blogging which you can give advice to new bloggers?
  10. What’s your favorite thing to do in your down time?


Thanks again to the two blogs who nominated me, and good luck to my nominees. It wasn’t what I originally planned but I’m glad I ended up doing it. It was fun, even if my weenie self went and cried a bit. Thank you for reading and of course I’ll be back. Maybe.



33 thoughts on ““Liebster Award”

  1. Firstly, your posts are ALWAYS so fun to read, and I adore how much your writer’s voice is present here. Secondly, coming off that, I’ve seen so much improvement since when you started and where you are now with your writing. I’m glad to have been following your blog from the start! And finally… everything else I have to say: thank you so much for the nomination! To some, it might feel like a silly little quiz, but I feel honoured to be chosen, especially by someone I admire very much. And honestly, I am a quiz lover, ahaha. 😄 It was fun to read your answers, and I love your creative questions for the nominees. Your $50,000 purchases are great, and you being The Rock is a funny image. I image him all buff and stuff, but with your face and hair. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I does look like fun. Just the other day I posted what I originally called “Silly Little Music Survey” based on the original “Silly Little Survey” posted by a friend, so maybe I’ll lift a few questions to get a head start. :O

        Liked by 1 person

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