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Some paintings

I have just got out the old painting junk and after getting discouraged, I reminded myself of all the paintings I had done before (and actually finished).

When I was growing up, I loved art. It was my favorite subject in school and I found myself effortlessly learning new techniques and practicing at home. In middle school we alternated days that would be art or gym. There are some people who do effortless in gym, so quick and graceful, like a gazelle prancing across the savannah~. They could bend and touch their toes without trying and leap farther than any human could imagine.

I’m trash in gym. I ran a 13 minute mile, always in dead last, sweating in places I didn’t know was possible and my lungs turning into little shriveled pieces of coal like an “after” lung in a smoking ad. People are just made for different things and for me, it’s activities that involve sitting around with a fat bowl of puppy chow and only having to use my hands and brain.

Polar Bears - In the sunset.  (Caters News/Sylvain Cordier)
Practice digital painting of “Polar Bears – In the sunset.” (Caters News/Sylvain Cordier)

After middle school, my high school was small (20ish people in my graduating class) and didn’t have very many art classes, so I took all 2 of them. I took photography and even in 2010 the school had us using cameras from 1980 and developing the film in the dark room. I’m no photographer, but I thought it was fun. I also took sewing twice and culinary twice. Got a C both times in culinary – I apparently suck at cooking – and found a HUGE black hair baked inside the pizza crust baked by one of the other kids. That keeps me humble.

Sorry the top one is blurry 😦 (Hunter S. Thompson)


Anyway, in my last year of high school I took an art class with the new art teacher who was pretty chill and let us do what we want so long as we produced art. He would play that one Bob Ross remix where he’s singing about happy little trees during class and let us do what we want. I’m pretty sure he got fired for dating a student. He would cuddle with her in his chair at his desk in the middle of class. …Sneaky. P.S. really, really sorry for the quality of the pictures below they look pretty weak but I don’t have access to any of the paintings/drawings anymore.

Since I’m a gold star procrastinator, I saved my final missing 2 assignments for the very last day of high school like I do and pulled an all nighter. I ended up producing pretty nice pictures although with more time they could have been better. I won first place overall and first place for 2D art with the Hunter S. Thompson one. Now this is just getting pathetic, but when I showed up for the awarding part of the art show nobody was there anymore but the art teacher and the janitor.

I was not a punctual teenager. I even got voted “Most Likely to be Late to Graduation” and you know what? I was.. NOT. Because a friend drove me there and forced me to not be late.

In university I didn’t do much painting at all, but when I was learning animation I finished one certain project the day before it was due with an all-nighter. Oh good god that is just sad. I’m much better now. Anyway, it was the type of video where you take the video and draw every single frame inside of every second, like how Disney used to do it. Man I love Disney. In this case I think there were 16 frames per second for 60 seconds. It started at 24 fps, but I was running out of time and you can see the switch in the beginning of the video.

It was awful. I wanted to die the entire time. But I would so do it again. HMU if you want to pay me to experience the torture that is rotoscope again, I loved it and I’d soooo do it for money. I really really dig the way it turned out and was so proud to show it in front of my animation class. I got an A!


When I moved to Germany, Sebastian’s mom had a whole army of pictures she wanted me to paint.Eventually she ended with wanting me to do one for every season. So I did one for summer, and when I came back in the winter I did one of fall. Yeah that’s only two seasons ..but some countries only have two seasons!! I owe her two paintings.


You probably have seen one like this at some point. She wanted this style and I’m not selling it or anything so I went with this style. I hope I don’t get sued now. 👀

That one was the most fun to paint, I absolutely loved the style because it was so sloppy and unorganized but everything was still in place, sort of like me. I strive to be a person who wakes up at 6 AM and has a colorful planner and everything is super organized. However, I am the kind of person who always end up with a drawer full of garbage I don’t really need or know what to do with but don’t want to get rid of so it just kind of sits in junk drawer purgatory. I do always have a real grocery list ready before I go to the store and I plan all our house sits! I’m trying my best.

My Daft Punk phase. Damn did I love those robots. This was the painting that won me 1st place!!

Anyway, that’s about all the images I have. There are more, but the rest are lost, taken by friends for free or not finished. I probably forgot about a lot of them, too.

It was nice to see these again and maybe I can get back to painting more. It’s one of those things for me where you want to shoot yourself before and during the process but it’s completely worth it in the end, like exercising (def not for me) or giving birth (probably). I’d love to sell art, but I don’t know where or how to begin and I’d love suggestions.I always got told to avoid the “starving artist” career path as a kid, but I was a kid and didn’t even know money could buy something other than a  donut. One year I tried a business admin and economics degree for the money but….. no.

On day I will find the balance between what I enjoy and what puts food on the table. Imagine being a food tester. Ooh, imagine going on a cruise or vacation to report how fun it was to a company, dang that would be pretty cool. Even a flight attendant would be fun. Ahh the eternal struggle. One day, though!

Thank you for reading and just so you know I love you all and appreciate every bit of effort you put into just being here at all. I’ll see you in the next post.

❤ Lindsey


20 thoughts on “Some paintings

  1. This was a fun post to read, I could connect with so many things! I’m also a bit of a procrastinator and I too have dabbled with art earlier. ( But my painting skills are no where near as good as you 😛 )

    Loved the pictures, and I too having studied animation know the amount of pain roto involves! And the video was pretty good, so I’d say you earned that ‘A’ grade Lindsey!

    It’s good to see you’re still curious and exploring the world and your career options. I wish you luck and hope you find success in all your endeavours! Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to finally meet someone else who understands the suffering that is rotoscope 🙂 I’m glad you approve of my roto project even if it was the bare minimum, it sure didn’t feel like it in the end haha. I’m over 200% sure you’re a fantastic artist! Even if I haven’t seen your art! Thank you for being so kind and although I didn’t think I was being really curious, it’s good to hear from another perspective. 😊 Thank you so much 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, Lindsey, you’re amazing! I especially love the abstract-ish portraits and Daft Punk painting – which I definitely think you could sell. I think you captured the shine of metal and reflective parts really well. I admire your abilities to work with paint, which is something I’ve never been good at.

    You definitely have potential to earn money, and one idea could be street art. You could find a place to set up a chair and table legally and offer portraits or other pieces for a set amount (you can also make pieces on your own time and bring them to sell). In order to that, I just suggest simplifying, or practicing and honing your speed. Also, if there are festivals and farmer’s markets, you could set up a vendor table. And of course, there is always the option of selling online. I don’t know if it’s different or available in Australia, but there’s always Etsy!

    Honestly, where or how to sell your art is a small detail. What matters is practicing and enjoying it. 🙂 When you find a joy in what your doing, the money comes in some way, whether this becomes a career or hobby-esque side job. I wish you luck and, above all, much fun! 😀


    1. Aw these are good ideas and I love them. I did think about setting up at a farmers market and bribing people with freshly baked cookies I happen to sell too haha, and I did look into it but the fees made me stop looking. I totally should go for it though. I also wanted to sell on Etsy because I LOVE Etsy, but it doesn’t exist here. Although they do have their own version 😉 So I could get into that. Thank you for your suggestions and the nice comments. I always feel more encouraged and all happy and warm inside when I hear stuff like this 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cookies and art is perfect, definitely go for it! 👌😄 That’s too bad Etsy doesn’t exist there, but maybe the Australian equivalent will lead to success! I’m glad to cheer you on!


  3. Lindsey I am impressed-these are great. You have a definite talent. I know how difficult it is to make a living from your gifts (same with me and writing) but you should still continue to do it, even if just for pleasure. I am hopeless at art-I wish I could do what you can do. Even if for just your own pleasure you should continue to express yourself this way. I love the Autumn one. The robots and Thompson ones are pretty cool too.
    I shall continue drawing stick men 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. You’re definitely good at what you do so you deserve to make a living off of it. I do stay inspired although I have to admit it would be a bit easier with some pocket change coming in with it. Comments like this give me so much encouragement though 🙂
      You can draw your stick figures and I will continue writing like a third grader 🙂 Thank you again


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