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Tips for Perfect Cinnamon Buns

A long term obsession with cinnamon started with Ben & Jerry’s “Cinnamon Buns” ice cream. If you’ve ever had it, you will understand. Sebastian and I ate an entire tub of that together almost every day for too long. AKA the reason for a few stretch marks. Worth it.


I was always afraid of cinnamon buns because I remember them taking forever and the yeast just……. ugh, the yeast.. no. The first time was the worst. After I started making them and learning short cuts I now make them all the time. They’re fun now! Although they’re still not perfect! The one in the middle up there was totally raw! But I’m still learning. The hardest part is having patience, which I have the equivalent of 1 sea bear.

This is a very specific post and I’m sorry it doesn’t fit everyone, BUT it’s my obsession this week – last week being the Sims (sorry about that too). So anyway here’s my tips to not f**k up your buns.



  1. Yeast

    • Activate your yeast. I know active dry yeast can be thrown in all willy nilly, but if you don’t have a thermometer (or if you’re not some sort of bread expert, but if you are why are you here? Please help me)you won’t know whether your milk/water was the right temperature: 105-110 F (40-43 C). Better to be safe and activate the yeast so you know you didn’t kill it (like I do 99% of the time hehe oops). I only have to microwave cold milk/water for about 25 seconds before it’s warm enough. Should feel warm but not hot. Like a hot tub! 

      Now that’s some yeasty dough 😉
    • Proof it somewhere warm. The best temp is 80-90 F (27-32 C). It likes to be nice and toasty, and since it’s winter here I just turn the oven on and stick it in at it’s lowest temp (50 C – but it’s nowhere near that warm). Turning just the light on is good too or I’ve seen someone turn the oven on low, keep the door open and put your dough in front of it on a stool. Get creative!! Cinnamon buns are an art form. And so are you 😉
      • If you don’t have somewhere warm, just add milk/water that’s 120-130 F (49-55 C) to begin with! It’ll be fine. Probably. I kill mine all the time so what do I know. Just remember it dies at 130 – 140 F (55-60 C).
  2. RisingIMG_05323.jpg

    • “Let rise 1 hour or until doubled”. Seriously let it double. I saw a guy on a forum say it took his 8 hours because it was cold. 8 HOURS! Since I’m impatient I go over the top making sure it’s warm enough so it’ll only take an hour. Warm rising spot, warm milk, perfect. If it’s not doubled and you give in because it’s been an hour, it’s not going to be fluffy the way you dreamed it to be. Trust me on this.
    • Do not skip the second rise. I see soo many recipes where they just have you slap the freshly sliced buns in the pan and bake it. It’s so much better if you let them double at least another hour so they’re nice and fluffy. Then bake it. They’ll be so much bigger and fluffier.


  1. Filling

    • Press the filling into the dough. If your filling keeps leaking out and leaving sad empty buns, try using the rolling pin to press the filling into the dough before rolling it. I personally don’t have a rolling pin so I use a can of non-stick spray. It’s chic.
    • Sprinkle a tablespoon of flour on top of the filling. Do that before you smash the filling down. I don’t know if it’s this or the smashing that makes the filling stay but I like the filling to stay so I’m not ready to find out. I need some mental preparation for that.
I am aware my filling looked like ground beef. I promise you it was not.


  1. Filling cont.

    • Cut your rolled log with floss. Your buns will be a perfect circle if you do. I never trusted this and used a knife, but it just smashes them. I’ve since converted.
Pat pat.

There you have it. A few easy tips to help you enjoy bun making for once.

They’re actually called “scrolls” here in Australia, and during one of our first trips to a grocery store we found the “Mighty Scroll of Cheese” which was a cheese & bacon cinnamon bun. It tasted like garbage but damn did we feel like we had an important quest to get to while we had it.

Also in case you’re interested in the recipe I use you can find it here. And as always my Instagram is here 😉

Thank you for reading and any liking or commenting. I love everyone who takes the time to do these things that are so little but mean so much ❤

Until next time (which will be an award nomination post I’m sure, so get ready),



18 thoughts on “Tips for Perfect Cinnamon Buns

  1. I love this genre of like advice from a non-expert. It’s like the opposite of those overly-curated food blogs that don’t show you the 100 times they made it and messed up, so you feel really bad when you don’t get it perfect the first time. Thank you for keeping it real. I love it ❤


    1. Thank you!! Yeaahh, there’s no way I could hide that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m way too clumsy for that haha. I never even considered it honestly until now, but I’m still gonna keep it real though! Nobody is perfect (definitely not me haha) and it’s always good to be reassured mistakes are a good thing. It means learning! Thank you for your comment 🙂

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  2. Hey Lindsey!
    Omg, that seems so hard to make! (too lazy here…)
    Loved the little *tap*tap* you gave your roll after cutting it on the video 😀 like “there you go son, now you cook to go straight into my mouth thank you!.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Don’t often make yeast dough (I am NOT a baker!). If I do I put it into a metal bowl, fill the sink with warm water and put the bowl in there to rise. Works nice 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I tried making cinnamon buns for the fist time a little over a month ago and it took me the whole afternoon but it was sooo worth it (may have eaten 4.. My bad but I just couldn’t stop haha)!! I will definitely be using your tips next time I make them!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I now purposefully only make 6 because we eat them all in one day, which was bad when I would make 12 hahaha. If you do make some one day for real, you definitely gotta do the floss thing because it’s sooo satisfying. Don’t forget!!

      Liked by 1 person

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