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My Big Week

As you may know, I spent the entire week alone in a house without any form of transportation and without knowing anyone in the area. Basically every morning started out with this:


The entire week I ate peanut butter and bananas on toast for breakfast, something I hadn’t had in years. When I remember how good something is, I’m obsessed with it for a week and then 100% forget about it for a year again. Like The Sims.Warning: my entire week was sims.

Basically I avoided dying from boredom and loneliness by playing that damn game for 9 hours in a row and forgetting, I too, am a human and have to pee every few hours. That sounds like I pissed myself every day for a week in a row, but I can assure you, that was not the case.

I downloaded the “Get to Work” add on which lets you finally go to work with your sims so you don’t have to stare at their house for the 8 hours they’re gone 5 times a week. You can own your own business, and they even added a town with solely businesses you can visit and buy from. So I decided to buy my own business and spend 5 hours building THE cutest cafe (shown later in the post) only to find out cafes do not work in this add on and I became 50,000 simoleons in debt.. so there’s that. I wish real life had Motherlode 😦

07-25-16_9-14-07 PM.png
Unrelated, but I found a sim I made almost a year ago in the gym!

Well after my sim accidentally courted an alien – who, on the first date (at the bar he was employed at) accidentally probed her and cried in the closet while my lady sim consoled him- I decided it’s time to build a family home. Instead of building a house completely out of scratch this time, I decided I’d just download a pre-made one from other simmers. Brilliant! I then spent the entire night going through 67 pages of custom homes. Twice. It has to be perfect okay? Eventually I decided on one, “it’s beautiful,” I thought, “it’s perfect!”. Spent the next 5 hours rebuilding the entire house.

08-01-16_7-05-54 PkM
Cafe left; New house right

I’m apparently just a smidge picky with my sim’s houses. This is a no judgement zone. Anyway, I had a bit of extra room after building so I added a nice little bar. I mean, my lady sim had parties often and it just looked nice there. What could be the problem? Well. This is how I found out my new alien boyfriend is an alcoholic. At least as much of an alcoholic as a sim can be. He will spend his day at the bar and he has a drink for breakfast before work. Although I wouldn’t mind a mimosa every morning. Also he leaves his little cups everywhere, but if you throw ’em in a recycling bin you get paid 20 bucks. Nice. 20 down, 49,980 to go.

Oh yeah, and I built men and women only restrooms in the old cafe. I accidentally had put the door on backwards so they were able to walk in the bathroom but then saw the men’s sign while inside and wouldn’t leave. They were trapped for days. Starved and alone in a room with nothing but a toilet and some other girl they didn’t know. By the time I figured out what had happened this is what they looked like.

07-11-16_5-02-40 PM

I also found out the alien had the “Gloomy” trait which makes him sad every once in awhile. Since he came with the aspiration to be a painter, I decided to let him chase his crazy dream and his new job has him paint every day. It also has him wearing the worst outfit I’ve ever seen. Anyway, you can make them paint a painting based on their mood and so he was having one of those sad days and painted the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Mind you he’s no expert. But still, my little heart.

08-01-16_7-47-27 PM212
Sad painting and the outfit. His girlfriend does not look impressed

Anyway, that’s quite literally all my week was. Besides walking the dog every day in the rain. I think it says something that the sun was out once this week for an hour, but when the boyfriend returned it was out the entire day. We alone secretly control the weather. 😉

That day we went out (along with the rest of the entire town) and found a little donut truck by a park. We got some donuts so fresh the raspberry filling burned my finger, and then took a stroll around the park. It’s nice to be reminded how much you take advantage of simply being with the ones you love.


Today I made homemade cinnamon buns for the both of us. I’m a little embarrassed to say we each had 3 but it was so worth it. They were a little crooked but it made them, well, them. They were as good as any bun you could buy from a bakery. Totally worth waiting for dough to rise for 2 hours. Although they weren’t the German cinnamon snails (“Zimt Schnecke”) so Ms. Negative Nancy came out from within Sebastian today and told me how great buns are in Germany. Poo head. Still love the kid.

Well that’s it for now. Hopefully you like sims haha. If you want to see more, you can always follow my Instagram. My life is nothing but pure excitement. Thank you so much for reading and being a part of my blog. I still appreciate it, no matter how often I say it 🙂

Until later ❤



6 thoughts on “My Big Week

  1. I have no idea about that Sims-thing 🙂 But your cinnamon rolls look great. Next time your boyfriend isn’t appreciative enough just take the baking tray and hit it on his head. It may take some time but he will learn *evillaughter*


  2. Sims is my life!! I can play it all day and all night without stopping! I’m so happy for you that your boyfriends back and you don’t have to be alone playing sims all day… Now you can play it together haha. I loved how chilled this blog post was Xx


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