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First post



I’m going to go back in time and add a picture from 2015! This was in fall before I cut my hair in the winter. I chopped off 20 inches (50 cm) but you can learn all about that here. 

Doesn’t fall make you feel all warm and cuddly inside? When I moved from Germany to Australia I switched from the end of winter right into fall. Boy was I mad. I still won’t get my favorite season -spring- for another few months. I totally missed all the perfect strawberries in the northern hemisphere. Who wants to mail me some? 🙂 Sometimes I splurge for them here though. If I learned anything from Parks and Recreation it was TREAT YO’ SELF

Anyway expect a whole bunch more. Tonight I’m making slow cooker italian chicken in tomato sauce with gnocchi, which I’m totally winging. The gnocchi is store bought because I’m a fraud. If it turns out well, maybe I’ll write a post about it!

I already feel good about this, and thanks for reading!


21 thoughts on “First post

  1. I love this post ❤ Haha made me laugh and I watched the video also xx Didn't know you could sell haire lol 🙂 Im new also and I am just trying to figure this whole thing out lol 🙂 You got yourself a follower #usnewbiesgottosticktogether


  2. How funny! My daughter worked in Parks and Recreation in Nottingham 🙂 Winter into Fall? I’d be pulling my hair out! I’m a summer kind of girl. Nice to meet you 🙂


  3. Parks and Recreation is just the best! Leslie Knope is my spirit animal, without a doubt.
    I didn’t even know you could sell your hair like that! You look lovely with short hair though :).

    Anyway, welcome. Your blog is doing so well already!


  4. Hey and welcome! I enjoyed reading your post and actually also really enjoyed your Youtube video! Your hair looks great either way, but its always nice to have a change! Short hair always seems much nicer to me and yours looks great like that!
    ps. I actually had NO IDEA you could sell hair! You learn something new every day right! 😉


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